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Martin & Moran is a Full Service Property Firm providing Sales, Lettings and Commercial Services.


Our expert property know-how enables us to discover exactly how much a property for sale in Dublin is worth. There is a fine line between enough, too little and too much. We’ll tell you the truth as we see it.

If your property is under-valued, you risk under selling it or creating concern amongst buyers that there is something wrong with it. That’s why we won’t over-value your home to coax you into instructing us; nor will we under-value it to attain a quick sale. Neither approach gets you the right result.

So, we promise ‘home truths’ when it comes to your property’s value and work with you to get your sale in the timeframe you require.


When you hire Martin & Moran Property Advisors to let your property in Dublin, you can rest assured that we’ll get you the best possible rental income. Moreover, we’ll source and vet reliable tenants for you.

We’re highly experienced at managing Dublin rental properties and pride ourselves on delivering top notch customer service to landlords and tenants alike.

Property Management

We provide a full-suite of property management services in Dublin, covering everything from Tradesperson Supply & Management to Tenancy approval.

We understand the needs of both owners and occupants and endeavour to deliver value for money and service quality through the efficient management of all our properties.

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